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Donovan Energy’s Team-Driven Mission for Energy Productivity

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Donovan Energy was founded on a very simple premise: that energy is complex and most people don’t understand it.

Our team’s mission is to help our customers clarify their energy and become more energy productive - spend less, use less, make some. As a committed partner with expertise in clean energy solutions that sits at the intersection of energy and technology, we help empower businesses with more certain strategies.

Our mission is driven by a specialized team of energy professionals which truly sets us above the rest in expertise comparatively. The four partners bring together what we believe are the four most important components of building a modern organizational energy productivity plan: Vision and Innovation, Analytics and Strategy, Finance, and Execution.

Vision & Innovation - Tim Donovan

As CEO and founder of Donovan Energy, I live for helping businesses meet their energy goals of sustainability and cost savings. I have spent my entire career in the energy sector transitioning to clean energy and green building 15 years ago. I am thrilled to have played a key role in several clean energy and sustainability industry "firsts.” These include the development and construction of the first net-zero energy aviation facility (the LEED Platinum Hangar 25 at Burbank International Airport), the first LEED-rated gas station (BP's Helios House) and the redevelopment of dozens of buildings incorporating sustainability and energy concepts.

Analytics & Strategy - Nachy Kanfer

Nachy Kanfer is one of the smartest minds in energy policy, as he sees energy as a strategic asset and not just an invisible cost. Nachy leads Donovan’s electricity and gas procurement business as well as our consulting practice where he advises private sector clients on attaining their corporate sustainability goals, and supports non-profit clients with surgical policy interventions and strategic campaign plans. Nachy believes energy efficiency and clean energy will realign the U.S. economy, especially in the Midwest, and unlock a new era of economic resiliency and strength.

Finance - Andy Holzhauser

Andy Holzhauser is a national expert on PACE financing and green financing. With roots in both energy and finance, he realizes the significant impact that energy efficiency and financing can have on a business. Andy focuses on developing innovative financing solutions for clean energy projects, procurement, market analysis, education and advocacy for solar energy, energy policy, and program development. Nationally, Andy serves on the Board of Directors of PACENation, the national trade association focused on developing the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing marketplace.

Execution - Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin has completed some of the most complex construction projects in the Midwest. From developing and retrofitting energy efficient buildings to new electric vehicle charging technology, he is a standout clean energy project leader. Jeff creates and manages plans that help organizations pay less for energy, be more efficient as they use energy, and ultimately, generate renewable energy of their own.

There isn't any project that’s too large or too complex for the energy professionals here at Donovan Energy to lead. With our expertise and experience driving the force into modern energy conservation, our mission is clear: bringing awareness to energy use and encouraging businesses to save money, conserve energy, and achieve energy productivity.


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