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LED, light-emitting diode technology, has transformed the lighting market and is no longer a niche solution. Commercial LED lighting is now an industry standard due to its efficiency and durability. Since lighting accounts for approximately 20% of energy use in most commercial buildings, installing energy-efficient lighting is one of the lowest cost and fastest-payoff energy efficiency improvements available today. Because of this LED lighting projects are often a company’s initial step towards achieving their sustainability goals.

Lower your facility costs; promote your company’s sustainability goals.



LESS ENERGY - Commercial LED lighting is 5-6 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs and 1.5 times more efficient than compact fluorescent lights (CFLs).


LAST LONGER- LEDs last 5-10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs, reducing replacement and maintenance costs.


LESS HEAT - LEDs produce less heat and lower the amount of cooling needed to keep temperatures comfortable.


IMPROVE SAFETY - LEDs provide safe lighting levels with less glare. Good quality lighting is a significant factor in ensuring workplace safety.


BETTER WORK ENVIRONMENT – A brighter workplace positively affects employee mood and alertness.

LED lighting can save up to 90% of lighting RELATED operating costs.

How does an LED lighting replacement project work?

Step 1: Lighting Audit

Projects begin with a comprehensive, “current state” lighting and controls assessment. Our team will visit your site and walk your entire facility to determine the number and type of lights currently installed and how much energy is being consumed. From these findings, we develop specific solutions and create a 10-year financial model that includes project financing options.

Step 2: Select and Order LED Lights

Our deep, direct relationships with LED lighting manufacturers and other industry partners allow us to provide high-quality LED lights at the industry’s most competitive prices. Unlike others who are limited to promoting a particular brand, we will help select and identify the best, value-driven lighting solution based upon your specific facility’s needs. The collective energy usage of the new lights is then compared to that of the existing lights to calculate the precise energy savings.

Step 3: Installation

Our team procures all project materials and manages the installation of your LED lighting and lighting controls. We gather any available cash rebates or tax credits, and are trade allies with several utilities. We’ll also handle the recycling of all materials removed from the site, supplying EPA documentation on the proper recycling and disposal of all materials.

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