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Donovan Energy Appoints Third Partner and COO, Jeff Martin

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Donovan Energy, Cincinnati’s leading energy solutions company, announces the appointment of Jeff Martin to its executive team. Martin brings over a decade of experience in commercial real estate development project management, which allows him to find new ways to create the most effective energy programming and deployment from the ground up. Serving as Partner and Chief Operating Officer, Martin joins existing Partners Tim Donovan and Andy Holzhauser, adding both new energy and intricate project leadership abilities to the senior management team.

As we expand our large-scale energy project development capabilities, Jeff’s operational efficiency and strong industry connections make him an ideal addition to Donovan Energy,” remarks Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer Tim Donovan. “Jeff brings to the company new operational techniques that will ultimately save time and money while continuing to build confidence amongst our clients and the community.”

As a Partner and Large-Scale Energy Project Leader at Donovan Energy, Martin leverages his experience in construction management, project design, scheduling, permitting, and zoning to guide clients through complex energy projects. From developing and retrofitting energy efficient buildings to new technology, Martin creates and manages plans that help organizations pay less for energy, be more efficient as they use energy, and ultimately, generate renewable energy of their own.

I am excited to combine my real estate development experience with Tim’s extensive strategic energy planning and Andy’s energy financing sophistication,” says Martin. “Together with the rest of the team, we are a dynamic partnership that’s moving our industry forward.”

Prior to joining Donovan and Holzhauser, Martin worked as Vice President of Project Management at 3CDC, who remains a client of Donovan Energy and is enthused about their ability to continue working with Martin in his new role. At 3CDC, Martin and his team collectively executed 1.2 billion dollars of development, including Fountain Square, Ziegler Park, Mercer Commons, and the 148 million dollar renovation of Cincinnati Music Hall. From his time at 3CDC, he has formed lasting connections with businesses including the city of Cincinnati, contractors, the architecture and engineering community, developers, and more. With a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Miami University, Jeff committed over 13 years to the non-profit real estate development of Cincinnati’s most iconic and transformative projects of the last decade in the Central Business District and Over-the-Rhine.

Donovan Energy is an energy project development company that approaches energy in new ways to help businesses reduce energy use and save money. In the ever-changing energy industry, Donovan Energy is on the front end of the movement where clean, efficient, social, political, and tech forces are converging. Martin’s extensive experience will continue to propel the company forward, further solidifying its high standard as an industry leader within the energy solutions community.


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