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July 7, 2022


Donovan Energy is at the forefront of clean energy technology.  We empower business leaders to redefine their approach to energy with solutions that simultaneously provide superior returns and increase the underlying value of their assets and organizations.  Our solutions more than pay for themselves by decreasing energy costs, simplifying project financing, reducing energy usage and increasing production of renewable energy. 


The Senior Clean Energy Engineer (“ Senior Engineer”) has broad knowledge of the technologies, practices, and policies that businesses and organizations can use to save money on energy, reduce carbon emissions, and gain competitive advantage. The Senior Engineer has experience using customized software to model and design clean energy systems for buildings, including solar, efficient HVAC, efficient building envelope materials, and more. The Senior Engineer is comfortable meeting with business representatives, utilities, government officials, non-profit organizations, and other energy industry stakeholders. The Senior Engineer has a self-driven, entrepreneurial mindset that drives them to seek creative clean energy solutions for Donovan Energy clients. The Senior Engineer has strong business development skills and is charged with helping to grow Donovan Energy’s clean energy services business over time.

REPORTS TO: Chief Operating Officer


  • Evaluates feasibility of renewable energy, energy efficiency, and electrification project development;

  • Designs solar energy facilities using specifications provided by customers;

  • Performs energy models of new and existing buildings to determine energy savings and verify eligibility for PACE financing and federal/state tax incentives;

  • Ability to perform an ASHRAE level 2 audit and energy model is required;

  • Manages rigorous process for clean energy audits and assessments, and directly oversees the largest and most complex audits and assessments;

  • Identifies system improvements and efficiencies within Donovan Energy’s value delivery process;

  • Generates attractive, informative data visualizations for internal and external use;

  • Collaborates with like-minded businesses and organizations on mutual goals;

  • Prepares interim and final client reports in narrative form and produces well-designed, visually appealing slide decks;

  • Contributes to internal innovation processes;

  • Develops Donovan Energy’s client base and brings new consulting projects to Donovan Energy over time; and

  • Provides general support for Chief Operating Officer and other staff.



  • Education: 

    • Bachelor’s Degree in Renewable and Clean Energy Engineering or a similar field (or equivalent).

    • PE/CEM credentials desired, but we are open to hiring a candidate who is on track to take the CEM within 12 months and obtain PE certification within 2-3 years.

  • Experience:

    • 3-5 years of experience required in project development, engineering or related roles.

    • Clean energy experience preferred but not required.


  • Knowledge of PVsyst, Energy Toolbase, Helioscope, and/or related solar design software;

  • Knowledge of energy modeling software; and

  • Demonstrated aptitude for business development, networking, and/or salesKnowledge of cloud collaboration tools (i.e. Gmail, Google Drive, etc.) and the Microsoft Office suite;

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills;

  • Excellent problem-solving skills with the ability to drive resolution;

  • Strong quantitative and qualitative analytical skills.


  • High level of self-confidence, motivation, maturity and integrity;

  • Capable of finding answers to questions;

  • Driven to support clients, vendors and partners;

  • Sense of humor; and

  • Excited about Donovan Energy and transforming our economy to run on clean, efficient energy.


  • Salary $80,000 - $120,000


  • Fast-growing company in a hot industry

  • Great people

  • Ongoing training and development

  • Strong marketing and demand generation program


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