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Top Energy Saving Initiatives for Small Businesses

Small business owners have the opportunity and upper hand when choosing to conserve energy and save money on their energy bills each month. Energy costs could be cut in half or even by thousands of dollars annually by utilizing simple energy-saving strategies.

Cutting costs is not the only benefit of making effective use of these nearly effortless approaches. When using these simple energy saving initiatives, companies also play a part in cutting greenhouse energy emissions, protecting the planet to further green business missions and enhance brand image.

So why not see the benefits for yourself?

Follow the top tips below to get your company’s energy use reduced.

Start with an energy audit

A simple energy audit can analyze the ways in which your business is utilizing energy, show you how to increase efficiency, and present energy money saving options. It’s a painless process and most companies like Donovan Energy offer this as a service. These energy assessments can uncover various opportunities to preserve energy use and reduce current spending while offering turnkey solutions on how to do so.

Install LED lighting

Energy efficient LED light bulbs use 90% less energy and last 15 times longer than regular incandescent light bulbs. Thinking about each and every light bulb in your building, you can mathematically imagine how this simple change could end up saving money in the long run. In addition, money is also saved by lowering maintenance costs by reducing the need to replace bulbs and pay disposal fees. Another huge benefit that LED lighting is praised for in the workplace is the increase of productivity from workers. The quality and type of lighting that LED bulbs radiate is shown to allow for better working environments and happier employees overall.

Encourage employees to “think green”

If the culture of your workplace can understand and develop around the benefits of preserving energy, it will evolve into a healthy and money-saving work environment. Get all employees on board and cognizant of how they are using energy by rallying the team together and holding each other accountable to small energy saving tasks like turning off lights, unplugging at the end of the day, and using natural daylight when applicable. When the monthly bill comes, it will be impressive how working together to preserve energy can have cost-saving benefits, too.

Consider renewable energy sources

There is no better time than right now to start thinking long term about solar energy and its benefits. The installation of renewable energy sources is becoming the norm for many large companies such as Verizon, Costco and FedEx. Being much more feasible on a compact scale because of the huge tax incentive for renewables, small businesses are following suit and reaping the benefits of utilizing solar energy. Saving money and protecting the overall well being of the environment at the same time? In the small business world, it sounds like a done deal.

In this new era of energy conservation, the sky's the limit and Donovan Energy is ahead of the curve on understanding how cutting energy costs can be beneficial to the growth of small businesses. For more energy-saving tips and information on how to reduce your energy use and spending, reach out to Donovan Energy today.


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