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Jeff Martin Shares How EV Technology Adds Value to Local Businesses

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

The future is brighter than ever in terms of electric vehicles and the economic and environmental impact they will have. According to the Fuel Freedom Foundation, more than half of the vehicles on the road will be electric by the year 2050. We are absolutely on the tipping point however, the challenge has been that there is a shortage of charging stations. In fact, gas stations outnumber public charging stations by around seven to one.

The opportunity is there for charging installation, and now we need to raise awareness around the benefits of adding EV charging stations to their property.

Fast Company recently shared an article on the need and quoted the executive director of Tri-State Transportation Campaign saying,

“I think the biggest problem with charging stations is there is no one responsible for installing charging stations.”

Donovan Energy is changing this. We are one of the only turnkey electric vehicle charging providers in the Ohio region. We get to see first hand the benefits our clients and their communities are experiencing from installing charging technology on their properties.

The benefits of electric vehicle charging stations to businesses

Providing electric vehicle charging stations on your property is a great way to show EV driving employees, tenants and customers that you are accommodating their needs and wants of being environmentally proactive.

Electric vehicle charging also provides businesses a potential new revenue source. EV charging is in high demand in most areas and offering this service as the market expands can be lucrative.

Developing a “green image” can set you a step above your competition in attracting clients, customers, or tenants alike. Seeing that you are environmentally conscious and moving towards a greener economy speaks volumes about your company and its values.

The logistics of electric vehicle charging

Charging stations are easy to install and can usually be done within one day. There are a variety of mounting options and location recommendations in terms of lighting and shelter. Signage directing electric vehicle drivers towards the charging stations is recommended. Once installed, the charging stations are 100% user friendly and can be used immediately. Users simply pull up to a vehicle and use their cell phone to open up or download the EVConnect app. They then scan the code on the machine and can immediately begin charging their vehicle. With most people in today’s working economy being tech users, the charging process in commercial location is completed with ease.

electric vehicle charging, donovan energy
Photo Credit: EVBox

How can I make electric vehicle charging stations a part of my commercial business?

If you are interested in getting a jump start on installing electric vehicle charging stations for your business, contact Donovan Energy today to begin the process. We can guide you through the decision, estimate rebate opportunities, share revenue models and order, install and train your team on the technology.


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