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Donovan Energy Announces Alex Hurley as Policy and Data Analyst

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Donovan Energy, Cincinnati’s leading clean energy development and finance company, announces its latest hire, Alex Hurley. Hurley’s background focuses on the intersection of environmental science and policy, and his passion lies in making a positive social impact in clean energy and sustainability. Serving as Policy and Data Analyst, Hurley reports to existing Partner Nachy Kanfer, who leads Donovan Energy’s consulting practice.

“Alex’s passion for clean energy and strong educational background in environmental science and public affairs made him a clear fit for Donovan Energy’s growing team,” Kanfer said.

As Policy and Data Analyst at Donovan Energy, Hurley will support the company’s private sector and non-profit clients with qualitative and quantitative analysis and business insight. He will also help Donovan Energy sharpen its own growth strategy with market research, segmentation, and regulatory analysis. Hurley’s first few projects include solar energy assessments for Donovan Energy’s commercial real estate partners; analysis of building electrification opportunities with rural electric cooperatives in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky; and analysis of the business case for Donovan Energy joining the PJM Interconnection as a market participant and capacity provider. He possesses a strong understanding of the economic, social and political forces that shape wholesale and retail energy markets in the U.S., making him a vital asset to the team.

“This opportunity gives me the chance to plug back in at a local level and be a part of changes on the ground to improve sustainability,” remarked Hurley. “I’m highly motivated by making a positive social impact and am thrilled to be doing so in my home region of the Midwest.”

Prior to joining Donovan, Hurley worked at the United States Environmental Protection Agency and a start-up venture focusing on the smart city space. Hurley received a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies at Centre College in Kentucky and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science at Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.

About Donovan Energy

Donovan Energy is a clean energy development and finance company that offers solutions that decrease energy costs, finance energy projects, reduce energy use, and produce renewable energy. The team of industry veterans provides consulting, finance and project development services. For more information, visit


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