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Do you believe that electric vehicles are a niche market?

Do you believe that electric vehicles (EVs) are a niche market? If so, why would Hertz place this huge order with Tesla? Why, also, is Ford investing $11.4 billion in Kentucky and Tennessee to build new EV and battery manufacturing facilities that will create nearly 11,000 jobs?

Still not convinced? Go to your favorite automobile manufacturer’s website. Look at their current and planned vehicle lineups. Then ask yourself if this still seems like a niche market.

The electric vehicle revolution is well under way. In the near future, 20% of your employees and customers could be driving EVs. Is your facility prepared?

Multiple studies have shown that organizations with specific environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals that install EV charging stations can achieve the following results:

  • Workplaces are able to attract and retain talent (a top CEO organizational challenge for 2021).

  • Retail establishments are able to create longer, in-store customer shopping experiences with larger purchases.

  • Owners of multi-unit dwellings are able to 1.) attract new tenants under longer leases; 2.) increase revenues through higher rents, and 3.) generate additional income from the use of the charging stations.

  • All organizations with ESG goals are able to document progress towards the "E" component of these goals by reducing carbon emissions.

Contact Donovan Energy to learn more about how purchasing EV charging stations can create benefits for your organization, employees and customers.


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