April 29, 2022


Donovan Energy is seeking a marketing leader to work collaboratively with the company’s senior leadership and sales teams to develop and implement our strategic and tactical marketing plans.  This role requires someone with strong business-to-business marketing experience, ideally with solution/service companies.

A primary outcome is to drive more successful engagement with specific decision-makers in our target industry verticals (healthcare, industrial, hospitality, senior living, parking and office) and to increase the overall brand awareness and positioning of our capabilities and results that our solutions deliver.  

The role also includes responsibility for the creation and delivery of the marketing activity calendar and content across multiple platforms (website, social media, press releases, and speaking events).  The primary, key performance indicator of success will be sales leads that are generated and passed along to the sales team; the second indicator is a branded and continually updated/refreshed identity that everyone in the organization can easily comprehend and communicate. 

The ideal candidate has experience in leveraging the full capabilities of our existing marketing tools: CRM (hubspot), PowerPoint, Linkedin, and other lead generation tools/tactics, as well as a background in creating and driving regional groups and events.  Furthermore, the candidate should have sufficient experience, confidence, and aptitude to identify, articulate and execute on marketing-related strategies without day-to-day oversight; but at the same time is sufficiently trainable and flexible to reside comfortably and successfully within our dynamic business and industry.  

Expertise in PowerPoint, website content and design, case study creation with graphic design and video production is a big plus.


​Donovan Energy was founded 6 years ago and has grown to the level that it now requires the efforts of a full-time marketing professional.  To date, our marketing function has been the group effort of a few well-intentioned (but time-challenged) individuals within the company, but without an overarching strategy and plan.  The company acknowledges that it requires this function to keep growing.   The ideal candidate is in the “sweet spot” of having 3-7 years of business-to-business marketing experience.



  1. Develop and execute the company’s strategic and tactical marketing plan, including the following components:

    • Develop ideal client profile (e.g. turnkey lighting in parking facilities; EVSE in apartment complexes)

    • Brand positioning & key messages

    • Establish marketing priorities

    • Develop and implement a sales lead generation plan

    • Develop current client segmentation & engagement plan

    • Create and cleanse the existing database to highlight ideal clients and prospects

    • Develop marketing KPI tracker & dashboard

    • Own and advocate for marketing budget

    • Develop and communicate content calendar template & 1-month forward view of content planned for release

  2. Manage and execute “day to day” marketing-related initiatives:

    • Create and update content and assets

    • Set up & manage platforms (LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Google My Business, E-mail software, etc.)

    • Develop a team LinkedIn activation plan

    • Offer sales lead implementation, tracking, analysis & enhancement recommendations

    • Define all marketing-related roles & responsibilities


  • LinkedIn; LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • Hubspot

  • Writing

  • Design

  • Google office suite


  • Base salary - commensurate with experience

  • Group health, dental, and vision insurance as well as FSA and HSA plans

  • Four weeks paid time off plus nine holidays

  • Flexible working environment.


  • Fast-growing company in a hot industry

  • Great people.

  • Full sales training and mentorship including:

    • Sales methodology

    • Complete and compelling solution set

    • Strong value propositions and return on investment (ROI) solutions 

    • Known, ideal deal target verticals

  • Strong marketing and demand generation program