From helping to develop an environmental, social and governance (ESG) plan to implementing a Clean Energy Roadmap, we offer a comprehensive set of energy solutions designed to reduce your business' energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Many organizations have already made significant progress towards the “S”(ocial) and “G”overnance components of their ESG plans.  But often because of its inherent complexity, the “E”nvironmental pillar has been either misunderstood, overlooked, or unprioritized.  With specific expertise across the full spectrum of “E”-related initiatives, Donovan Energy’s deep experience provides a unique, cost-effective, turnkey solution to plan, initiate, execute and achieve ESG-related initiatives.

As your energy management partner, Donovan Energy offers on-site clean energy and financing solutions to help you reduce costs, achieve ESG goals and increase the value of your company’s brand.


Within a Clean Energy Roadmap, Donovan Energy takes a strategic, long-term view of how your organization can optimize the process of investing in clean energy within your building, campus, or asset portfolio.  


Using a Clean Energy Roadmap as a guide, a pre-identified set of clean energy investment opportunities are prioritized according to both economics and impact.  The result is a value-driven, actionable, programmatic, and deliberate plan that is specifically designed to achieve desired sustainability and cost efficiency goals.  In your Clean Energy Roadmap, Donovan Energy offers clear objectives and measures of success—all backed by data—to help you gain support and buy-in from your stakeholders and to satisfy one or more of the following objectives:

Planning for, and executing on, corporate sustainability or carbon reduction goals


Eligibility for PACE financing


Eligibility for state property tax and sales tax exemptions



We receive many inbound requests from our commercial customers to help them understand whether an investment in an on-site solar and/or storage system makes financial sense. With today’s rock-bottom prices on solar equipment, the availability of generous tax incentives, and innovative financing solutions, the answer is often “yes.” We offer three “phases” of solar/storage consulting:




Providing a “quick-and-dirty” portfolio analysis to identify the most promising site(s) for solar development within a commercial portfolio (rooftop, ground-mount, and/or canopy).


Performing a detailed feasibility study, system design, and financial analysis for one or more selected sites, including pre-interconnection applications (if required).

Solar Panels on Roof


Serving as “Owner’s Representative” for solar/storage development, assisting with competitive procurement, interconnection arrangements, project management, and more.


Our ESG Advisory practice will help lead your organization in the development and execution of a successful ESG plan.  Our process includes the following components:

  • ESG goal setting

  • Baseline establishment through evaluation of your current energy, CO2, and GHG footprints

  • Development of an aggressive yet achievable plan to invest in clean energy solutions that deliver on your ESG goals.  

  • Promotion and amplification of your ESG plan’s success to enhance your organization’s brand and valuation.